UNIK Co., Ltd.|Universal Marketing Partner

Value Offering Company
Cutting-Edge Direct Marketing Tactics for Insurance Services Put into Practice - Tremendous Value and Superior Quality
UNIK provides genuine know-how and sophisticated marketing programs; key success driver in a modern, mature market.
Worldwide economic, political and social changes, reformations and stagnations…
Contractive tendency created by high-market fluidity may be the greatest concern for all of us engaged in the modern business world.

However, even under these difficult circumstances, we still have an excellent chance to identify golden opportunities that will steadily increase our business and become a stepping-stone for achieving further success.
The Pioneer of Insurance Direct Marketing and Your Strategic Partner
UNIK Co., Ltd. assists you in creating and implementing new values, communications and relationships in your direct marketing endeavors. Introducing the most innovative international know-how, we conduct strategic planning and execution of sophisticated direct marketing programs, and offer diversified values and means to enrich communication between you and your customers. We are committed in taking your marketing endeavors to the next level: from simple marketing to the act of providing “Satisfaction and Thrills”, and ultimately attaining “Trust and Confidence”.

UNIK Co., Ltd.
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